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Timo Böcking Klavier-/Keyboardunterricht

The most effective way to learn an instrument is still the one-on-one instrumental lesson format. Unfortunately, music lessons in today's schools are often one-sided, and limited to the classical literature. Especially in today's musical landscape, when all sorts of different genres have propagated and found devoted audiences, a diverse musical education is essential. This is not to discard classical piano training, with it's immensely important implications for technique and expression, but simply a reason to develop other skills right from the first lesson: ear training, music theory, improvisation, accompaniment, etc.

In order to reinforce an individual's development on the instrument, experience beyond one particular style is essential. Many talents have probably been stunted because of the lack of this knowledge in certain circles of music pedagogy. For this reason, Timo makes it a point to address various styles of popular music, gospel, jazz, and many others.

Depending on the individual interests of the student, he also offers further areas of instruction:

-Arranging / Recording

-Synthesizers, electronic sounds

-Playing within the context of a band

Whether you want to explore your musical interests, reach ambitious goals, or simply find something to balance out your work life: the huge importance of music for the body and soul is undisputed. Please contact Timo for more information about taking lessons.