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Timo Böcking Gospel with Passion

"Gospel with Passion" is the name of Timo Böcking's new Easter project, which lives up to it's name musically and literally. Musically, it runs the gamut from expressive ballads to vivacious gospel songs, paying tribute to old masterpieces along the way. Alongside the pianist and composer, a highly talented cast of singers consisting of Anni Barth (soprano), Katja Zimmerman (alto), Bjoern Bergs (tenor), and Jan Primke (baritone), expressively and authentically interprets the meaningful text, which contains both German and English passages. The sparse line-up manages to perform both the fragile, delicate side and the powerful, vocal-dominated moments impressively and with a wide dynamic range. Passiontide and Easter, and therefore the life and suffering of Jesus Christ, are the contentual focus of the piece. Gospel with Passion is a refreshingly unconventional musical adaptation of what is believed to be the greatest event in human history, and offers the audience an entertaining yet profound reflection on the most important message of the Christian faith.

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